When Thinking Becomes a Chore!

What to do when one’s mind is over-pouring with thoughts and then thinking becomes a chore!I usually take that as a cue for me to pack my bags and travel to some place new…

I traveled to a small town in a southern state of India(even though I did try to extract some so called ‘official’ work there).The uncomfortable Indian roads and the journey of eighteen hours broke my back but fixed my thoughts.I am thankful to

-the strange co-commuter who gave me warm smiles thought out the road trip.

– to the beautiful contrasting landscapes

– to the loud conductor of the bus

– to my cellphone service provider for not providing any signal to my phone

– to the quiet starlit sky

– to those sweet songs played by someone in the bus whose meaning I am not aware of…..

and Of-course to the small town which embraced the prejudiced me without any inhibitions.


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