‘After I watch my favorite T.V. show,I defecate in the Open….’

I have grown up believing that shelter,food,water and sanitation are the basic rights and need of every human being.However last Friday this belief of mine was questioned when I had the opportunity to visit a village near very modern bustling metropolitan city of Pune.

The villagers until the year 2012 were defecating in the open.I wondered if  it was out of compulsion or choice or one of those things which is low on our long list of material priorities…..As most of the houses in the village had cable t.v.,electricity,mobile phones and motor bikes,etc.

I was part of the team which was trying to capture the change in lifestyle of the villagers who were using the new sanitation facilities made available to them since the year 2012.It was quite intriguing to notice the villagers with their various set of prejudices,conservative customs and ignorance were very keen on spreading the need for sanitation to others.

I reckon in the end we all humans do understand our basic rights and needs.Just that,sometimes we need to show the way to others who think otherwise or as in this case show the need to sanitation.

Note: I assisted a team which works for a young German organisation called Guts for Change which raised funds and build dry toilets for the village of Darewadi where they face problem of water scarcity.


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