cracked vase

it stood


on the corner

of the kitchen platform

it was part

of the fight

last night

when he threw

the vase at her

with all his might

she ducked

the vase cracked

the ransacked kitchen

told its own story

and meaningless words like sorry

the kid walks in

and opens the window

the sun rays rushes in

to illuminate the vase

she walks in

and nurses her  sore face

with a packet of frozen peas

then she puts a lily bud in the vase

for some glee……


Outgrown :p

I am one of those grumpy people who likes to build her own cocoon and armor up for no reason but then one of the best things about human mind is that it outgrows every state of mind. It’s a different matter that some of us don’t acknowledge that state as then we have to break that comfort cocoon and unlearn few things.However, if we don’t do that,our mind still outgrows the state and wanders by itself…………………………….to make long story short we become one of those people who cannot be described  as nothing but ‘drag’.

So with my limited experiences and exposure in life,I would like to recommend people to enjoy every day,every person,every place,every moment as we are gonna outgrow them someday.hey….I know it sounds pompous of me to make statements like these…but if we look at it in a lighter vein…and ponder how necessary it is for all of us to keep moving on because hey we are not leaving behind things or relationships……we are just moving on and might  make a big circle to get back and cherish the same things and people…….but and but and but……we need to move on…we need to outgrow!

No Plan is the Plan

As I crawl in the new year……..I am busy making lists…..nah not the same old resolutions kinda list…where we plan how much weight one loses or what new ways one can be generous to others….I am trying to make a list of places I need to visit to work on my personal biases ,learn and grow a bit…My list includes visiting political refugee camps in few countries in middle east….taking some road trips…..but then this not a plan…its an itinerary…as I would like to believe, ” No plan is  the plan.”…..

But for now…

I stare at the setting Sun

the waves of the ocean thrash the rock

I am sitting on

seconds, … years pass by

as I count  the minutes of the warmth I am left with…..

I let my back face the world that goes by

familiar footsteps

familiar voices

bat filled dark caves

maze of my thoughts

unfinished chores

unanswered telephone calls

muted aspirations

and many more such mundane items….

but for now I like how the horizon looks

orange and purple……………………..


There are some pains or traumas in our lives which haunt us no matter how much we grieve,run for therapy,keep it to ourselves or let it out to every random stranger. I guess that pain becomes a part of the anatomy.It’s part of our character. It’s gonna live as long as we do or may be it lasts even after we die……….

Tomorrow is the fourth death anniversary of my dear best friend, Kavya. As Kavya used to say, “You are a jig saw puzzle with all the Disney Characters…..and you won’t be fun after you are fixed.”

As I grow old….

As I grow old,I desire to be more ‘child-like’;More like a simple straight line which runs parallel along lot of twisted and complicated theories.I am greedy to experience new and old. I am curious to look underneath everything and open stuff and then try to put them back together.I am open for all experiments and walk behind people and also lead them.I want to live the ‘prose’. Because one day when I sit on that creaky old rocking chair……I want to feel as ‘young’ as I could possibly be…………..9FybtVFNSEOxogGzIvHJ_IMG_2226

What happens when you meet an Old Friend after a long time?

What happens when you meet an Old Friend after a  long time?








You Time Travel to your past and visit your old self.

Last evening,I bumped into my school friend at a cash register in a shopping mall………………….I looked at my old self in her eyes and I am enjoying discovering an ‘older’ as well as an ‘younger’ version of me………………….May be,’the goofy old me’ will help ‘the present me’ to get some perspective……