I prefer to fail

I prefer to fail


write good stories

I prefer to keep quiet


count the words I speak

I prefer to made fun of


make things lighter

I prefer to go slow


enjoy the ride

I prefer to mumble


express my feeling……

I prefer to stop


start all over again…


by the grave

of all the places in the city

i enjoy my walk to the graveyard

the concrete slabs

looks like a mirage of people

standing quietly for their next marching orders

i sit under the huge tree

which stands still

as it rejoices

the certainty of death

sometimes i go to her grave

and stare at her headstone

as if to confirm her certainty….

and then I mostly sit by her grave…

Two Loops

Two loops

in two

different corners

of a vast land

started looping

started spinning

started circling

Each on its own

embraced heat



broke norms

collected souvenirs

along their

whirlwind tour

of the land.

One day

a tornado


them inside itself

and flew to a

new land

the loops

were dropped

in a new land

a magic wand

entangled both

the loops


now they spin


cracked vase

it stood


on the corner

of the kitchen platform

it was part

of the fight

last night

when he threw

the vase at her

with all his might

she ducked

the vase cracked

the ransacked kitchen

told its own story

and meaningless words like sorry

the kid walks in

and opens the window

the sun rays rushes in

to illuminate the vase

she walks in

and nurses her  sore face

with a packet of frozen peas

then she puts a lily bud in the vase

for some glee……


There are some pains or traumas in our lives which haunt us no matter how much we grieve,run for therapy,keep it to ourselves or let it out to every random stranger. I guess that pain becomes a part of the anatomy.It’s part of our character. It’s gonna live as long as we do or may be it lasts even after we die……….

Tomorrow is the fourth death anniversary of my dear best friend, Kavya. As Kavya used to say, “You are a jig saw puzzle with all the Disney Characters…..and you won’t be fun after you are fixed.”