My ‘new year resolutions’…..

1. Learn how to skip a stone in calm water.

2. Engineer an argument which turns into a long debate between two old people.

3. Go on a date with someone who completes the line: ‘Once upon a time……………………………………………..” to best of my imagination.

4. Leave some of my favorite books at a local park (still trying to convince myself about this one…if this is a good random act of gifting to some one unknown).

5. Use the line: ‘I Failed’ at least twelve times in the year and don’t nurse the feeling of regret.

6. Collect unknown people’s travel tickets (some discarded tickets I am planning to pick from various travel places like train stations or airports and some I would collect from random people) and try to write their travel stories…according to my limited thinking and imagination(hopefully this would be an interesting journal for me to read by the end of year).

7. Take a challenge of solving 25 algebraic equations within 30 minutes(there was a time in school when I used to thrive at challenges like this…….no wonder I was called the Math nerd in school).

8. Cook a meal at someone’s house who I meet in one of my trips in a differant country.

9. Build a sand Castle at one of my favorite beaches.

10. and try to sneak afternoon snooze:)