Outgrown :p

I am one of those grumpy people who likes to build her own cocoon and armor up for no reason but then one of the best things about human mind is that it outgrows every state of mind. It’s a different matter that some of us don’t acknowledge that state as then we have to break that comfort cocoon and unlearn few things.However, if we don’t do that,our mind still outgrows the state and wanders by itself…………………………….to make long story short we become one of those people who cannot be described  as nothing but ‘drag’.

So with my limited experiences and exposure in life,I would like to recommend people to enjoy every day,every person,every place,every moment as we are gonna outgrow them someday.hey….I know it sounds pompous of me to make statements like these…but if we look at it in a lighter vein…and ponder how necessary it is for all of us to keep moving on because hey we are not leaving behind things or relationships……we are just moving on and might  make a big circle to get back and cherish the same things and people…….but and but and but……we need to move on…we need to outgrow!


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