Everyone should have a pet

I know there has been so many write ups about Humans having a Pet and how they bring joy to one’s life since the word civilization was coined…………………however I couldn’t resist penning down some lines from my side especially after I have adopted a dog.I have tried below to put words to those new thoughts and experiences I had recently:

* Lately I have noticed dollops of mush in my sombre eyes

* I notice people’s body language more intently than the words they speak

* Just a long aimless walk with my dog refreshes me…..then a big mug of caffeine

*  I know the names of all the other pets and even the strays

*  I even get more nods and greetings every morning

*  Neighbors look at me with new found respect(that’s the other story….before my dog I didn’t bother to interact with them)

* The handy man,newspaper boy…vegetable vendor try and have a small chat with me……


Kids in Mumbai tries to help a stray dog from getting drenched

and my sundry list of feelings and jubilation goes on….(of course there are days when I want to sleep for hours and not get up as the first ray of sun hits the sky and as my dog, Lola jumps on me to wake me up)


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