What I blog about…when I want to blog……..?

When I started blogging and presenting my twisted ideas and views to people…..the acceptance and appreciation that I received…gave me an impetus..to blog often…but what do I blog when…I can’t fish an idea from the vast source of inspiration around me. Thats when it occurred to me…..why not share few things that inspire me….:to pen down my thoughts:

*  Early morning long walks with my dog

*  The view outside my window

*   Travel magazines

*   Just some odd face in the crowd

*   the smell of earthy herbs when they are being cooked

*   My small collection of peculiar looking stones

*   those words which are not spoken but lie hidden between sentences

*   a question to an answer

*   coming across an old forgotten familiar object

*   photo albums

*   my mother

*   recipes shared by friends

*   my messy desk

*   a public transport

*   a page from on my favorite book..which I read over and over

Wow!..and the list goes on..and here I was complaining to myself what to blog about today when I kept staring at the blank column for posting blogs on wordpress:)


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