Books Happen to You……………………!

“You know what I think?” she says. “That people’s memories are maybe the fuel they burn to stay alive. Whether those memories have any actual importance or not, it doesn’t matter as far as the maintenance of life is concerned. They’re all just fuel. Advertising fillers in the newspaper, philosophy books, dirty pictures in a magazine, a bundle of ten-thousand-yen bills: when you feed ’em to the fire, they’re all just paper. The fire isn’t thinking ‘Oh, this is Kant,’ or ‘Oh, this is the Yomiuri evening edition,’ or ‘Nice tits,’ while it burns. To the fire, they’re nothing but scraps of paper. It’s the exact same thing. Important memories, not-so-important memories, totally useless memories: there’s no distinction–they’re all just fuel.” 
― Haruki MurakamiAfter Dark


I believe that books happens to us.They find us when we need an advice,a story,some facts,a distraction,a laugh,a cry,an escape,a friend,a solution,a resolution, a twisted conclusion,not so twisted conclusion…………………….,an anticipation of possibilities telling us there is more to come our way:)

One  evening, when my flight was delayed a book happened to me.The ground hostess of the airline announced in her monotone voice that the flight was delayed for five hours.I wondered how long could I play my guessing game of staring at strange faces and wondering their stories in my head.There were eight other people in my waiting lounge.All in their work clothes looking at their Laptops or a newspaper urgently but dispassionately.

I walked to the lone coffee shop and saw a small collection of books near the coffee vending machine.

“Is that your personal collection?” I asked the lean guy who was making my cappuccino

He looked at the books and said,” no,they are mostly books left by people.I like to keep them….ummm you can say its my personal collection.”

“You can look it up..if you like. ” He said and flashed a smile.

I looked at the collection and picked a thin book from the rack.I have a weird habit of selecting new authors or books to read.I open any random page from the book(mostly the page is in the  middle of the book). If the content of the page, excites my current state of mind…I am in for the adventure:).

So,I opened a random page from the book and came across the above mentioned quote.The book of course was ‘After Dark’ by Haruki Murakami .I had heard about Haruki Murakami from so many people but in spite of my will to read his work…It never happened before that evening.

Today, after reading eight books of Haruki Murakami,I am grateful to that someone who forgot his book in that odd looking coffee shop of that small airport.I am happy that Haruki Murakami’s books happened to me. I want to end my blog with one more quote from his book called Norwegian Wood.If you haven’t read Haruki Murakami’s books yet……I hope that his books happen to you too and may be…my blog is one of the reasons for it:)


“If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking.” 
― Haruki MurakamiNorwegian Wood


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