Answering Machine

“If I have one message from a loved one on my answering machine by the end of the day….I know its worth it.” says my Mum.She works in the social sector so, her job takes her to almost every corner of the world.Mostly to those places where cell phone networks doesn’t reach:) so she ends up getting plenty of messages on her answering machine………………………….I try to leave her messages every other day .

(Hey! but why am I telling you this tiny little personal information…ummm because I thought of showing some gratitude to Answering Machine which has kept me connected to my mother all these years:) so…here goes my preaching from below lines;)) 

Most of us don’t like getting an answer from the answering machine of the person we would like to talk to and our messages on the answering machine shows that.We have weird ‘ummmms’…..’aaands’.,short abrupt messages or very high pitched message…or and or….The point is most of the time we fail to put across the point for which we call in the way we would like it to be.. Lets be prepared when we are calling someone to be greeted by a machine and then we leave a sweet or not so sweet note with the same intensity or with same carelessness as we know and want.

In the end…all those messages are heard(and lot of times re-heard) and you might get the call back or may be not:) In my case,I mostly do:)

P.S. You must have heard of this documentary ‘Talk to Me’ by Mark Craig.He kept all the messages he got on his answering machine for twenty years and made a documentary of all those recorded messages along with pictures of people.He told his life’s story through all those messages.Quite interesting:). Here is the link to the documentary: , if you haven’t watched it yet.


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