To all the Couch Potatoes and Procrastinating People………….

Some quotes by couch potatoes and procrastinating people:

“I will go for a jog tomorrow”

“I will take the dog for long walks soon”

“I will plan a hiking trip for the weekend”

“I will go off sweets soon”

“I will sponsor a poor child’s education”

“I will be an entrepreneur”

“I will cook  dinner for all of us”

“I will be trekking on one of the ranges in Himalayas”

“I will sky dive next year..may be..”

“I will vacuum the house on weekend”

“Let’s talk about it some other time”

“I will do the dishes tomorrow”

“I can do better work than him but he is just lucky”

“I will fix the pipe tomorrow”

“I will talk to her some other day”

“I have no time for this………”

We all have a couch potato and a procrastinating person in us…but the question is how well we control that person and stop making the above mentioned lines and just do it(not promoting Nike here…:))

P.S. This is a picture of  electricity boards of an old building in Mumbai.Every time I go there and I ask the maintenance guy to clean the cob webs and fetch an electrician ,,,he says that he is getting it done soon.It has been two and a half years and I have been seeing the board in same state and talking to the maintenance guy.Looks like on my next trip to Mumbai…I have to travel with a broom to clean the cobwebs and take an electricianImage along too:)….That’s the couch potato and procrastinating person in me.


One thought on “To all the Couch Potatoes and Procrastinating People………….

  1. Good Luck with travelling with an electrician! I love the concept of this post! It’s so true that we need to master our own procrastination!

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