Airport Waiting Lounge

How different is an airport’s waiting lounge at Mumbai International airport from the waiting lounge..umm ….lets say….. the waiting lounge at London’s Heathrow Airport.Of course, the infrastructure is different..facilities are different.  However, have you noticed the people at the these waiting lounges.Can you point out the nationality of people at the waiting lounge at Mumbai airport or the people waiting at London’s Heathrow airport?Can you say people at Mumbai airport are all Indians or may be mostly Asians and people at London airport are mostly English or may be mostly Europeans?Even if you argue there are mostly Asians at Mumbai airport and Europeans at London airport;Would you be able to point which are Asians and which are not or which are Europeans and which are not………………………….My guess: your answer would be ‘no’.As today, we cannot profile people from a region on the basis of color,race…religion and at an airport(unless you have access to some kind of facial detection database which will tell you the answers at the airport:))

They all are people from different countries,races,sects,religions,genders….. different economic status,famous people to not so famous ones…………………………but all these people; whether in Mumbai or in London have same expressions and purpose.Expressions of joy,remorse,bliss,anger….. jubilation or celebration or grief and Purpose of Travel.

So guess we all are different people from different corners of the world and we can come under one roof and still go about our journey we have set ourselves for……eh!?


One thought on “Airport Waiting Lounge

  1. I love that about airports. Everyone is going somewhere different, for a different reason, and they all came from somewhere different, too.

    It’s not the same on a domestic flight in America. And I somehow feel more threatened there than in Dublin or Heathrow or Stanstead! Maybe it’s the crazy security measures, or my husband’s Irish passport…

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