‘Identified’ Race

Have you ever walked to the edge of a mountain and looked down?The scene below is breath taking.All forms of flora and fauna paint a pretty picture.Not one single feature of the picture stands out and one would say,” oh look at that beautiful tree down.” Mostly we have heard people exclaim,” How beautiful the view is!” To be more precise and blunt,no one says,” the Gulmohar tree down there,in that corner is gorgeous!”. At that height everything loses its identity and is classified as one: Nature.

According to me, we humans don’t enjoy that identity loss.We can track anyone from a crowd of hundreds  Thanks to our mobile phones,pagers(oops that’s expired technology), G.P.R.S (and some unknown tracking devices our satellites are capable of)……..and of course we all have our own individual ‘identities’.We are numbered.We are put in data bases.We carry passports.We have social security numbers or whatever else that is in other places.We take birth;we are identified and given  certificates.We die;we are identified and given  certificates.All hell breaks loose if we lose our identity…..I don’t know how many of us….I know for sure I am not yet one of those few who would wander around without any identity and just be part of a picture. I don’Imaget think I am ready to be some girl whose down the valley and some one from above a high mountain wonders,” what a pretty sight!” and not,”who is that person down the valley?”


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